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July 11, 2019

It is a phenomenon we could call it a modern disease, characterizing a large part of the male population.

In this article, we will refer to erectile dysfunction and its treatment. This particular disease is perhaps one of the rarest ones with serious social consequences.

The man suffering from this disease (perhaps due to illness, stress, or anxiety) is unable to enjoy durable and long-lasting erections, sufficient to cover the needs of the sexual act.

The first tip to those reading the lines of this article is to stop worrying as they are not alone. Surveys and statistical data show that 1 in 10 presents present similar problems.

This situation creates a chain of social phenomena resulting in a direct impact not only on the person with the problem but also on its environment and generally on developing social relationships in a particular circle of people.

Technology and advances in pharmaceutical research have made tremendous steps in aiding similar problems. So, in this case, a specific supplement that, judging by the response found in the market has helped and will continue to help many people who are experiencing this condition.

It is called Viasil and is available in a pill form for easy oral administration.


In the text below all the necessary information about the identity of this supplement is given, its composition and generally any useful tips so that you can use it immediately.

Now leave your worries aside. Proceed with the use of Viasil and you will live again your teenage days, which you had as memories in your mind up to date.

What is Viasil?


In general, we could say that it is a pill supplement promising to change your sex life and relieve you of the stress and the doubts about your performance.

Viasil improves your blood circulation, stamina and strength levels as well as the quality of erections.

All this is done through a perfectly normal way combining elevated oxygen levels resulting in improved blood circulation.

In fact, Viasil encourages the synergy of two energy systems – ATP and ADP – to help your body gain new stamina, energy and endurance.

Falccid vs Erect Penis

The powerful formula of the supplement is in a natural way capable to always increase the blood circulation and the available amount of oxygen, as well as the short-term amount of energy and strength.

These effects lead to increased Nitric Acid production and enhanced vasodilation. The combination of these helps your muscles, your organs and especially your penis to collect more blood, giving them the energy to become more energetic.

To say it more accurately, Viasil helps your body to do it better.


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How does it Work?


Viasil achieves the wonderful function of primarily providing help to body mitochondria and ATP functions to enhance nitric acid production, responsible for the stamina and strength you feel so that the highest quality of erection is achieved.

This result comes from improving the synergy of ADP and ATP, the two main energy systems.

The most admirable is, as we mentioned earlier, that everything is done in a completely normal way, resulting in an increase in the quality and amount of blood circulation and the final amount of oxygen present in the body.

An important feature of the supplement is that it promises to improve the energy and endurance of the user.

The combination of all these factors is that ultimately the results achieved with Viasil use allow your organs, muscles and your penis to receive larger amounts of oxygen.

Viasil promises to erase all the problems worrying you about the sensitive problem of erectile dysfunction in a natural and easy way.

The best results of Viasil can be achieved if it is taken about 30 minutes before the action.

The manufacturer of the supplement proposes a short break of 3 to 4 months to avoid any possible addictive status of the organism with a particular product.

It should, however, be stressed that Viasil is absolutely safe for everyday use as its composition includes natural products only.

What it Claims


The supplement provides strong and long-lasting erections. Its natural ingredients work to produce an increased amount of Nitric Acid. The result is an improvement in blood circulation achieving vasodilation and in addition, relieving the penile arteries.

Provides users with energy levels. Some of its ingredients (pomegranate and citrus) are working to promote body energy systems.

Viasil improves endurance and stamina. The product provides its users with an absolutely natural and free of problems solution. An achievement, reassuring not only the user but also its companion as well, regarding the expected results and performance.

Viasil improves blood circulation and vasodilatation. Through the ATP functions and vascular dilation, the supplement promises to make your erections stronger and longer. At the same time, the increase in male hormone production promises a better sex life and a clearly improved level of health.



Here are some of the most important benefits to be noticed at the moment Viasil supplement is used.

  • Increased power & strength – The use of Viasil, will offer more energy in physical performance and obviously better erection due to the ATP stocks that will be used by your body during erotic sexual intercourse.
  • Increased strength – Surely increased strength is a tremendous advantage for successful intercourse aiming at satisfying any partner. Don’t you think so?
  • Increased energy – It is equally important during sexual intercourse to have high levels of energy to help express the increased libido and any partner with a strong and satisfactory erection.
  • Increased blood flow – Good penetration of your penis – due to the increased production of nitric oxide – will help you upgrade your sexual performance and certainly to increase your self-confidence.
  • Increased sexual desire – The use of the Tribulus Terrestris component as well as the Damiana component of the Viasil supplement will help to increase your libido. Your excitation will be clear, strong … and uncontested!


Ingredients of Viasil


The main active ingredients of Viasil are:

1. Epimedium Brevocorum – It has large lakarrin stocks so blocking the release of PDE5, which is responsible for reducing the blood circulation. By reducing PDE5 you have a benefit with increased circulation and nerve stimulation.

2. Zinc – This mineral can provide help with protein synthesis which in turn achieves healthy levels of male hormones that can affect fertility and reproduction.

3. Citrus Sinensis – By preventing both proton leakage in mitochondria and enhancing their breathing capacity, it is able to boost ATP production in your body, offering more energy when you need it more than ever.

4. Gingko Biloba – This herb supports the circulation of blood in your penis, with the ability to improve nitric acid production while helping your vessels to dilate.

5. Tribulus Terrestris – This ingredient has the ability to improve your sexual mood and libido by reducing your blood sugar and cholesterol levels and changing your hormones.

6. Panax Ginseng Root Extract – The extract of this ingredient is said to have the ability to reduce stress and improve your sexual performance.

7. Pomegranate – Rich in nitrates and polyphenols can increase nitric acid production, resulting in healthier vessels and improved circulation.

Pros & Cons



  • Offers a refund for a period of 60 days
  • Delivery the next day of order completely free of charge
  • 100% natural composition
  • Guaranteed results
  • Affordable price
  • Approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
  • No side effects


  • No offer of free samples
  • Purchase only from the manufacturer’s official website


Viasil Testimonials


My energy had started to flag a lot over the years and it reflected in the bedroom. My partner understood, but it was crushing to see her disappointment. I have been taking Viasil for the last 2 months and the difference is noticeable. I’m more energetic, focused and have no problem holding out until she is satisfied. It has re-ignited our relationship.

Michael Green


I never thought erectile dysfunction would affect me, but once I hit my 50s I noticed a change. I struggled to keep it up and when I did, my endurance just wasn’t as good. Viasil has made a real difference to my performance. I may not be in my 20s anymore but I no longer have a problem staying hard.

Gary Fletcher


For ages, I didn’t want to admit I had a problem. It helped that it only happened once in a while so my wife never complained, but with time it started to get to me and I would get paranoid about initiating anything. Viasil is refreshing as it is all-natural and basically helps my body’s own natural functions to work more efficiently. Within a month I felt healthier and more energetic, and maintaining an erection came easier. I feel like a new man.

Owen Granger


Does Viasil Really Work?


Always based on real facts and testimonials and not on hypothetical conclusions, we could state without any hesitation that it really works.

All user reviews and testimonials are absolutely positive and express their gratitude to the manufacturers of this supplement for help.

But to be honest, there were some users who complained that it took a fairly long time (about 2-3 months) before they could see the maximum of what they expected.

The important thing, however, is that even after a significant period of time the product has worked.

Where to Buy?


As mentioned earlier, the supplement can be obtained from the manufacturer’s official website. See below the prices in the different packages available.

Buy Now - Viasil


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Viasil is the most effective pill for erectile dysfunction and brings you back to the levels of energy you enjoyed in teenage years.

It is guaranteed for maximum possible results. Manufacturers are absolutely convinced of the value and effectiveness of the product offered to you and the reason is that the supplement is proven to work.

It is a guaranteed product for producing successful results. In addition, its manufacturers are fully convinced that it will not only help you in the sexual activity and quality of your erections but also dramatically increase your energy levels so you can also increase the performance index in sexual activity.

Health is also a very important factor. The results are dramatically enhanced and make you normal people again.

The company wants to see you both as happy and happy. This is the reason why, in case of being not satisfied, gives you the opportunity to reimburse the amount you spent on purchasing the product.

So what are you waiting for? You also order Viasil today and you will be one step closer to stronger, stronger and longer-lasting erections, plus the increased valence that will give you the ability to become again the wild teenager.


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Viasil FAQs


What Results Can I Expect?

Due to its natural composition and the dual-action system, the supplement can offer multiple benefits, such as improved circulation, vascular expansion and energy. All of this helps to achieve stiffer and longer-lasting erections.

Is the delivery of my order discreet?

Yes. They respect your desire for discretion and that is why their orders are delivered in plain packaging.

Are the results permanent?

Viasil will continue to work for better results on an ongoing basis. However, it is recommended to stop the supplement every 3-4 months so your body does not get immune to the effects of supplements.

Is Viasil safe?

Yes. It is made using only natural ingredients that are designed to enhance your bodily functions and improve your sexual desire and subsequent erection.

Are there any side effects from Viasil?

No. Viasil is 100% natural and free from any side effects, giving you the ability to take daily and enjoying all the benefits it can offer you.

What if I’m not happy with the results?

The product is backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee. In the case of not being satisfied, you can return any unused packaging and you will be refunded the amount of money immediately. No questions asked.

How quickly will I see results?

Many of our satisfied customers feel and enjoy the benefits of complement action. Live your immediate results by taking a pill 30 minutes before each action.

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