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[2019] Unbiased Bathmate HydroMax Review | Testimonials & Pics Included!!

January 9, 2019

Hey, James here,
And you’re reading my uncensored review of Bathmate Hydromax.

Note that this a review though, if you’re looking for Bathmate Hydromax’s website then click here.

Why am I writing this?

Well, when I was thinking about buying Hydromax, there weren’t many real reviews around so I thought I’d write one quickly to help any of you who are in the same position I was.

I’ve Been Using The Bathmate Hydromax For a Long Time And I Created This Review To Talk About My Results.

But be warned, I’ll be going into both the good and the bad points, so if that’s something you might not want to hear, then you may as well leave now.

So, Let’s kick off this Review…

What Is The Bathmate Hydromax?

HydroXtreme9_pump_with_boxThe Hydromax pumps are new and improved versions of the Bathmate originals.

Created by John Oaks in 2006, they became an instant hit with guys from all over the world.

They are also known as Hydro pumps because they work with water in the bath or shower.

Some of the claims made by the company include:

✅ Increase the length of your penis.
✅ Increase the girth of your penis.
✅ Flaccid (soft) and Erect (hard) gains
✅ Improve your erection quality
✅ 100% Safe
✅ Fast results, even after the first session.


How Does The Hydromax Work For Penis Enlargement?


To help you understand how the Hydromax works.

I’m going to talk about the biology of your penis and what happens when you get an erection.

Your penis contains three different chambers. There are two large chambers on top called the Corpus Cavernosum.

There is also a smaller chamber at the bottom called the Urethra.

The Urethra is where you urinate and ejaculate from. When you get turned on, blood rushes to your penis. This fills the top chambers to the max which results in an erection.

The Hydromax works by increasing the size of the chambers that hold the blood. This means your penis can hold more blood, which increases the size of your penis.

Here is a Video From The Manufacturer Which Shows You Exactly How The Hydromax Works


Process in which Bathmate Hydromax works

It basically creates a vacuum, thus helping the skin and the tissue of the skin to expand.

The expansion occurs naturally because it is somewhat similar to erections since it keeps on happening throughout. If you use it regularly and with good recovery time between two uses (about 12-36 hours), you will find a permanent expansion in the tissue of the penis.

If you use it for a duration of 15 minutes with a full or nearly full erection, you will get temporary gains of .50 inches along the length and .75 inches along the girth (Which is actually great if you want to increase the size just before having sex with your partner).

If you are a beginner, you will find greater gains since the penis tissue is very tight naturally.

These gains last for 18 hours (approximately), including the times where you lose an erection and the time for intercourse.

You will observe permanent gains after using it consistently for some time. As a whole, there will be more blood flow to the penis which will result in a hard and firm erection.

How to use Hydromax


Types of Bathmate Gains

Temporary Results – After the use of Hydromax for 10-15 minutes, I found gains of 0.25 inches along the length and 0.75 inches along the girth. The flaccid hung size also saw an increase. The changes are more remarkable for beginners, but there are visible gains for my position too.

The temporary growth will persist only for a day. It would be best to use it for a few hours before having sex (here since the condoms are tighter, you will have to buy one with a comparatively larger size).

Permanent Results – The instantaneous results will be permanent if the device is used regularly for a longer period.
You will find it similar to the work-out related to muscles. For instance, in the case of weight-lifting, the muscles feel bigger and more pumped and return to their original state after long hours.
With consistent workouts, the muscles will grow and a fixed size will be maintained. It is also applicable to the Bathmate Hydromax since the penile tissue expansion after a pump is somewhat similar to that of the muscle tissue.


Bathmate Results & Testimonials from Real Users

After using the Bathmate for the last 9 months along with jelqing I have gained around 2 inches.

Here are my before & after pictures.





To say I’m happy with my results is a bit of an understatement!

9 months wasn’t quick but it was worth putting in the time and effort.

This stuff works!

Todd, Dallas


I’m a Believer Now

You can add me to the list of guys who started off skeptical but became a believer.

I never fully trusted the reviews that I read online but now that I’ve seen what the Bathmate X40 has done for me I can honestly say, guys, that this pump really does work and when they say that penis enlargement is a myth they’re lying.

It really is possible. My starting size was 6.8 inches which were already well above average but seeing as I’m 6 foot 5 it really didn’t look enough on me. I followed the system I found on about 6 months ago and I even started taking some collagen pills.

6 months later and according to my tape measure I’m at 7.9 inches which means I’ve grown just over an inch.


The Bathmate was well worth the money and I’d recommend it to any guy who wants to get bigger.

Mr. B


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Which Bathmate pump is better?

First of all, you should buy a Bathmate pump with scopes of expansion.

The original Hercules and Goliath released long back in 2009.

They were quite effective and received a lot of buzz in the media. As a result, a number of competing for cheap and easily broken rip-offs from resellers and on the e-commerce retailers like Amazon, Alibaba, and eBay were encouraged.

Bathmate is thus a very popular hydro-pump. Each online search for penis pumps will bring it up.

In the latter part of 2013, two new series of pumps were introduced by Bathmate.

These are the Hydromax X-Series and Hydromax Xtreme-Series.

These new hydro pumps offered the following:

  • New Gaiters System that gives you a pressure power of 35% more.
  • Swivel Gaiters which help in rotating the pump as you are wearing it
  • New Lock Valve for fixing old leaking issues on the Hercules
  • The external pump providing more customizable pressure (Xtreme only)

Later in 2018, all the Bathmate Hydrompumps were rebranded. So, now there are 3 Hydropump series offered by Bathmate.

These are Hydro Series, Hydromax Series, and the HydroXtreme Series.

Bathmate Hydropumps

So, what’s the difference between these 3 series?

1. Hydro Series

Hydro series is the original Bathmate pumps released back in 2009 named as Bathmate Hercules.

  • The original Bathmate pump
  • Perfect for first time user
  • Ideal for penis with a length up to 19 cm
  • 2 years warranty
  • Permanent gains
  • Stronger & longer lasting erection

2. Hydromax Series

Hydromax Series is the new version of the Hydromax X-series. It has 35% more power than the Hydro Series and you’ll get better gains using this.

  • 35% more power than the original
  • Perfect for an intermediate user
  • Ideal for penis with a length up to 23 cm
  • 2 years warranty
  • Permanent gains
  • Stronger & longer lasting erection

3. HydroXtreme Series

HydroXtreme Series is the New version of the Hydromax Xtreme series. It is similar to the Hydromax Series but it has a lot of accessories which can help you get even more length and girth gains.

  • The most powerful Bathmate pumpHydroxtreme9-Full Kit
  • Come with the complete package
  • Ideal for penis with a length up to 28 cm
  • 2 years warranty
  • Permanent gains
  • Stronger & longer lasting erection

The Accessories you’ll be getting with the HydroXtreme series are:

  • Carry case
  • Measuring gauge
  • Cleaning sponge
  • Cleaning towel
  • Handball pump
  • Hose attachment
  • Comfort insert pad
  • Security lock
  • Shower strap

My recommendation

If your budget permits you, you should positively get the Hydromax or HydroXtreme Series.

The original Hydro Series is still a very nice pump but is somewhat outdated.

If you commit to this, you should also spend a few more dollars on getting a stronger device which will provide you with more comfort.

The HydroXtreme Series with the hand pump will be a great addition for the ones who are seeking the ultimate pressure adjustment and can give you better results as compared to the Hydromax Series.

Hydro pump of the correct size should be selected depending on the size of the erect penis but also considering the future expandability.

So, First of all, you need to know the size of your Penis.

If you don’t know your current size, you can click the below tab:-

How to Measure Your Penis Size Correctly


Measure your erect penis with a ruler pressed lightly onto your pubic bone. You`ll find a ruler is easier than a tape measure.

hydromax_how to measure_step1

Record the measurement from the pubic bone right up to the tip of your penis.


Measure the circumference of your erect penis around the middle of your shaft.

hydromax_how to measure_step2

You’ll find a tailors tape measure is easiest, but a piece of string wrapped round and then measured against a ruler after will do.

If you know your Size, you can pick the perfect Hydropump for your Penis below:-

Note: When you’re picking a penis pump, it’s really important to choose one that suits your size. If you’re too large or small for your pump, the vacuum created inside the pump won’t be able to achieve maximum effective pressure, making workouts less effective, leaving you missing out on the real gains achievable through a penis pumping routine.


Current Size: Upto 5″

For those of you measuring up to 5 inches when erect, hydropumps tend to result in dramatic improvements, adding extra length, girth, and erectile hardness, all leading to a significant improvement in personal confidence.

With a full 60-day returns policy, you can see the real benefits of Bathmate penis pumps with absolute confidence – don’t miss out on real gains!

Bathmate offers 2 hydropump options for those currently measuring up to 5 inches:

1. Hydromax5: The perfect starting place. Hydromax5 uses a unique water-based system to generate real, lasting changes. With 92% customer satisfaction, expect real success!

2. HydroXtreme5: For those looking for a more powerful option, HydroXtreme5 adds a handball unit, letting you easily maximise penis pump pressure for absolutely unmatched gains.

Hydromax 5Hydroxtreme 5
Hydromax5Hydroxtreme5-Full Kit
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Current Size: 5″ to 7″

With most people around the world measuring between 5 and 7 inches when erect, Bathmate penis pumps can help you really stand out from the crowd physically and mentally.

With a regular routine, you’ll build up real gains for penis length, girth, erection hardness, and lasting power, while developing your self-esteem and sexual confidence.

1. Hydromax7: The world’s most popular penis pump, Hydromax7 delivers powerful, lasting gains, with a full 92% satisfaction rate.

2. HydroXtreme7: With a handball set, it’s easier than ever to unlock maximum Bathmate power and maximise gains with HydroXtreme7.

Hydromax 7Hydroxtreme 7
Hydromax 7Hydroxtreme7-FUll Kit
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Current Size: 5″ to 7″ Wide Boy

For particularly girthy users, these Wide Boy options are the perfect choice.

1. Hydromax7 Wide Boy: It’s perfect if your girth is more than the normal.

2. HydroXtreme7 Wide Boy: If your girth measures over 6.5 inches, HydroXtreme7 Wide Boy is an even more powerful option!

Hydromax 7Hydroxtreme 7
Hydromax7 WBHydroxtreme7 WB-Full Kit
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Current Size: 7″ to 9″

Whether you’ve outgrown one of the other hydropumps or are just naturally large, Bathmate has designed a collection of large-scale penis pumps designed to support those measuring between 7 and 9 inches when fully erect.

With regular use, you’ll get harder, longer-lasting erections, while building up real gains for length and girth, helping to give you a new sense of confidence.

Bathmate currently offers 2 models of hydropump in this size:

1. Hydromax9: With 92% of users satisfied by the performance of the Hydromax series, it’s the world’s most popular penis pump for a reason.

2. HydroXtreme9: By adding a handball for controlling pump pressure, the HydroXtreme9 makes it easy to maximise pressure.

Hydromax 9Hydroxtreme 9
Hydromax9Hydroxtreme9-Full Kit
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Current Size: More than 9″

This is the single largest penis pump in the world, built for those measuring over 9 inches.

The HydroXtreme11 is designed for exceptionally large users, helping to improve their sex life. At this size, the pump works in a slightly different way to our other HydroXtreme series hydropumps, with some key advantages: it helps create harder, longer-lasting erections and provides an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Note: It’s really worth pointing out just how big the HydroXtreme11 is. It’s estimated that less than 0.01% of people have a penis over 9 inches long – the minimum length required to get maximum results from the HydroXtreme11.

Hydroxtreme 11
Hydroxtreme11_Full Kit
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Bathmate Hydromax Full Pack

My Bathmate Results – Before Using and After Using

I have been using the Hydromax X40 (Now Hydromax7) for 19 months (for about 10 to 15 minutes a day and 5 times each week). They give immediate results that are clearly visible after each use, even if you are just starting out.

The penis looks bigger (about 0.6 inches) for long hours. Here are the permanent results that you should keep in mind:

  • Before using Hydromax the length of my penis was average (a little less than 5.4 inches).
  • After using it for four months regularly, I observed noticeable permanent results (a permanent increase of 0.9 inches) even when I took a break from pumping.
  • And another one more year, there was a further increase of 0.90 inches (due to slightly slower progress), and a total of 1.7 inches gain.
  • At 19 months of usage, the total growth was of 2.1 inches. The present size is slightly more than 7.5 inches (it was 7.7 inches just after a pump session). I don’t know whether the penis will grow even further since it also depends on one’s genetics. I will post the pictures of the states before and after the usage of two years so that you can observe the sizes by yourselves.


The process involved is a serious one, but it is quite enjoyable. And I must say I’m really happy with the results.

The official site gives free shipping and also a discount of $69 along with the bundle upgrade (towel, case, shower strap, lube, cleaning kit, and other such kinds of stuff).

Bathmate does not accept coupons anymore because of fraudulent promoters and counterfeit products. It has become quite strict regarding this. The price remains the same as the last few years for everyone.


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The Bathmate X Series Pros And Cons

The Cons – The Bad Stuff

So, I’ve racked my brains and here’s “the bad stuff” about the Bathmate.

 Dedication – If you’re like me and you want some permanent results then you need to dedicate yourself to sticking to a schedule.

Before I bought the Bathmate showers would take me 5 minutes.

I’d be in there have a quick wash and be done.

So sometimes it was a bit of a hassle having to sit there for 15-20 minutes following a routine.

 Cleaning – If you don’t clean it often it will start to get grimy so you’ll need to make sure you give it a good scrub once a week.

 Red dots – I found that if I don’t do the 5 minute light warm up and if I use it with too much pressure I will get lots of these little red dots which look horrible.

It takes a few days for them to go away too.

I found I could avoid this by warming up and also by not using too much pressure when I’m using it.

 You need to shave often – Unless you shave you’ll probably find that the Bathmate tends to slip off.

So you need to be totally smooth for the pump to get a good grip.


The Pros – The Good Stuff


✅  It’s comfortable to wear and well made – I find it feels very snug to wear and actually feels quite good.

As long as you don’t pump too hard you won’t feel any pain and also think it’s very well designed and well made.

I’ve seen some other pumps in the past that felt cheap and flimsy but the Bathmate feels strong so it should last forever.

✅  Your dick will look bigger immediately – From the very first time you try it you will take it off and I guarantee you will be surprised at how much bigger you look.

The effects will only last about 12-24 hours but it feels great to see it working so fast.

✅  A permanent increase in length and girth – After just one use you’ll be bigger but you will find that the effects only last less a day. But if you stick to a routine and use it regularly then you can actually make some real size permanent size gains. However, when I say permanent I believe the effects are similar to that of bodybuilding.

I.e use it or lose it. The Bathmate is pretty much like exercise for the penis so after you have reached your goals just like with bodybuilding you should continue to exercise to maintain your results.

I read that after you’ve reached your goals you should use the Bathmate 2-3 times per week but it won’t matter if you skip a session now and again.

✅  Fair price – I believe that for what it does the price is actually very cheap. To be honest, now that I know it works I would gladly pay $1,000 for it.

✅  Last longer – Because you’re doing all of this exercise you are strengthening your penis and you’ll find that you have more control over when you cum. This means you can last longer and have more fun.

✅  Harder! – After a few months of using the Bathmate, you’ll find that you start to get rock-hard erections.

✅  Erections more often – Maybe it’s psychological but since getting bigger I’ve found that I get erections a lot more often!

✅  Easy to use – It’s very easy to use you don’t even really need any instructions.

✅  Safe – As long as you do a light 5 minute warm up and don’t pump too hard the Bathmate is completely safe to use.

✅  Boosts your confidence – It’s amazing how much more confidence you gain especially in the bedroom. You will really feel different and life becomes a lot more fun.

✅  Impress women – It’s one of the best feelings in the world when you get a woman in bed and she compliments the size of your penis.

✅  You don’t need to buy anything else – Apart from the Bathmate, you don’t really need anything else apart from maybe an enhancement pill like the MaleExtra. So those are the pros and cons of the Bathmate that I can think of.

Overall I think it’s a great product and even though there are some cons they’re not that bad and you won’t be disappointed if you do decide to get yourself one.


Should You Buy A Bathmate X Series?

I like that you can see it working the first time you use it and if you use it regularly you can make real gains.

Whether you’re looking for a quick pump before a date or you actually want to make some permanent gains all I can say is you’ve got to give the Bathmate a try because it works.

It’s going to take a while but it’ll be worth it in the end.

Warning: There are scammers around! The only place to buy the REAL Bathmate is from the official website at



Bathmate X Series FAQs

Is the Bathmate safe to use?

So far I’ve had no injuries or any negative side effects.

I haven’t read about anyone else injuring themselves with it either.

If it starts to hurt when you’re using it then just release the pressure a little bit.

Do I use it when I’m erect or soft?

I find it best to use when you’re 80% erect.

Not fully erect but still hard.

How long does it take to see results?

You will see a big difference from day 1.

After you use it your penis will look a lot bigger than before and the effects will last between 12-24 hours.

To make permanent gains you need to be patient.

But it’s cool that you get to see a difference right away and it will motivate you to want to continue using it to get some permanent results

Will the results be permanent?

If you just use the Bathmate every now and then your results won’t be permanent and will only last 12-24 hours but if you stick to a routine and use it often then after a while you will start to gain some permanent results.

However, I believe the results will be similar to bodybuilding i.e use it or you’ll eventually lose it.

Which is why they recommend that after you’ve reached your goals you should continue to use it 2-3 times per week lightly to “cement” your gains.

Can I use it in the shower?

Yes, You can use it in the bath or the shower.

Should I buy from Amazon or Ebay?

No! I’ve heard a lot of complaints lately from people buying theirs on Amazon and eBay because they ended up being fakes.

Anybody can sell on these places so make sure that you get yours from the official website

That way you’ll be sure to get the real thing.

What is the difference between the Bathmate and the Hydromax?

Bathmate is the original version and the Hydromax is the new and upgraded version.

The Bathmate is a bit cheaper but I paid the extra and went for the Hydromax.

After doing some research I discovered that people who used the old Bathmate had problems with the pads at the bottom falling off and it wasn’t that comfortable so the makers did a redesign and called it the Hydromax.

They also have a more expensive version with a hand pump which was a little out of my price range but I heard the hand nozzle makes it really easy to use.

I would definitely recommend paying that little bit extra and buying the Hydromax version because it’s very comfortable to use, it’s well made and I’ve had zero problems with it.

Which one should I buy?

If you decide to go for the new and upgraded version of the Bathmate called the Hydromax like I recommend then use the size guide on the official website.

Don’t forget that you will grow so if the size guide recommends the X20 and you are on the larger side then you may want to buy the X30 instead because you might outgrow the X20 fast.

There’s lots of places selling it where is the official website?

First of all, I recommend that you avoid buying from places like eBay and Amazon as I found out that there are scammers selling fakes there.

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    The bank in Nigeria issue visa or Master card only for company account not individual account I don’t know what to do please tell me any alternative to make my order thank

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